The latest Kenyan cargo plane crash at Aden Adde airport

Photo/Somali Times

A Kenyan-registered cargo aircraft crashed in the Mogadishu airport on Saturday morning, there were no reported casualties. According to official told Somali Times. The aircraft operated by Silverstone Air Service took off from Mogadishu airport headed to Beledweyne before circling back for an emergency landing. The issue is believed to have been with the aircraft’s landing gear.

The scene show the plane on the ground just inside the airport area the aircraft veered off and crashed into a concrete barrier during the landing attempt. One of the two pilots has been evacuated with serious injuries. The other pilot is still believed to be in the aircraft. There are reports that he may have sustained injuries to his lower body.

Somalia’s civil aviation authority is investigating the accident the crash is the fourth involving Kenyan airlines in accidents in Somalia this year.