The latest: Officials who are positive with Coronavirus has a meeting with Prime Minister Hassan Khaire

Photo/Somali Times

The Somali Ministry of Health announced that Coronavirus had infected two officials of the ministry of health. The officials told Somali Times that one of the two individuals was a member of the ministry who met with Somali Prime Minister Hassan Khaire in his office a few weeks ago.

Reliable sources told that the meeting with Prime Minister Khaire took place in mid-March, and it was unclear at the time he was diagnosed with the disease. However, members close to the prime minister said they believe he did not have the disease at the time, as it has now been more than three weeks, as the ministry announced yesterday it had been diagnosed.

The ministry did not disclose when the two employees were screened and when they were diagnosed, which would have helped a lot to determine whether their encounter with Khaire could endanger the prime minister.
The disease usually lasts one to three weeks, making it more likely that they did not have it at the time.