The third Dhusamareb conference election power has been handed over to Farmajo all in control

Photo/Somali Times

Article 9 of the agreement In planning and implementing election behind the National Independent Election Commission, in cooperation with the State and civil society. The commission is closely linked to President Farmajo. It is a committee previously criticized and opposed by regional administrations and opposition parties. The fact that this commission administers the elections means that the power and administration of the elections is in the hands of Villa Somalia.

Given the debates and infighting that erupted in 2016 over a number of seats, don’t be surprised if the same happens this year, after which the disputed seats are decided by individuals tied to Villa Somalia.

Article 7 of the agreement states: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may transfer seats designated in an unsafe constituency to another secure constituency.

This article specifically deals with Article 4 of the agreement which states: Each State shall have at least four (4) constituencies in which the elections take place. If some cities are considered unsafe, the polling station may be moved to another city.

These two factors could lead to the transfer of more seats from cities controlled by regional administrations to government-controlled areas. In particular the Jubaland administration, which will transfer more seats from Ahmed Islam in the Gedo region, as planned.

Article 8 of the agreement reads as follows: 8 – The election of seats in Somaliland through indirect elections. Like the former government of President Hassan Sheikh, the selection and election of parliamentarians in Somaliland is entirely independent of the central government, as there is no regional administration to be elected from.

This means that the central government will select whoever it wants to be a member of parliament, with full authority over the electoral commission affiliated with Villa Somalia, and no one else can compete with it. The selection will take place in Mogadishu. As these three points show, President Farmajo, has given up. One-person, one-vote system. But has confirmed that he is in control of most of the power and administration of the election.

However, Puntland and Jubaland have rejected the agreement and it is unclear how it will be implemented without being persuaded to accept it, and it appears that no further talks or talks will be held.