Parliament Speaker in Lower House to Elects new Speaker

Members of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament today will elect the chairperson of the House, after the former governor resigned from the post.
Candidates for this post are eleven candidates who meet all the required criteria, including a resignation of minister of defense to compete with the minister of defense.
According to the electoral law, 51% of the candidates won the first round, which is unpredictable, the election can reach at least two rounds, one for the candidate to win 139 votes of 51% of the parliament .

Some of the candidates have been apprehended by the government for giving high support, and some lawmakers voted for the cabinet.
The government has deployed hundreds of security forces around parliament and at some of major streets of the capital to beef up the security during election of the Parliament speaker.

Candidates are:
1-Sharif Sheikhuna Maye
2-Mohammed Mursal Sheikh Shafiqahman
3-Sharif Mohamed Abdalle Hussein
4-Mohamed Macalim Yahye
5-Imaan Abdullahi Ali
6-Ibrahim Isaq Yarow
7-Haji Ali Shekh Mohammed Noor
8-Salim Aliyow Ibrow
9-Abdiaziz Mohamed Hussein (Borrower)
10-Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur (Madobe)
11-Idiris Abdi Dhakhtar
There are 245 MPs participating in the election.