Tobacco use is a variety of illnesses

Before we enter the theme of this article, first we describe it, what is it from Tobaco? What kind of Tobacco , is which is used to describe people who eat as food from active, but on the other side health problem is brought to Kenya and is driven by khat.
Investigations have been made in the Somali population of Tacetus in Somalia, mainly youths, especially in the Upper Secondary Schools and Universities.
More shots made by the users of the Tobaco are said to be mostly female, which has been noted, the hygiene workers in the Education Department said they are gathering them from the toilets of the girls, but surprisingly why eat young Somali girls with a future for the people and the country ?, but a question that needs to be re-examined.

The first problem in our country have had khat, cigarettes, shisha, or tobacco products, which could not be solved, but now joined the class of drugs called Taabug, the risk faced by the youth the future, which needs to be destroyed in the future of the country and people.
If you eat drugs known Tobaco has sent a strong warning that the disease, so we know what each drug influential impact on the consumer, as, however, is disseminated Social problems Tobaco to civilian users, taais which has been shown to be very damaging, such as the mouth, nose, tuberculosis and bowel movements, and it is worth noting that the cartridge is included in the Tobaco, which is written on the alert, than what you expect before serious hazards, as well as cigarette warnings.
Many warnings have been circulating in the health facilities, mostly for young people, and a part of the Somali Youth Guide.