Two suicide bomber detonated in restaurant Baidoa

Two suicide bomber targeted a restaurant and a coffee shop, official says. The blasts took place in the southwest city of Baidoa, where the bombers walked into the two locations and detonated their vests within minutes of each other, according to witnesses.

“The number of the dead, we have confirmed from the two blasts is 16 and nearly twenty others were wounded, some of them seriously. Nine people died in the second blast and seven in the first,” said Abudulahi Mohamed, a police official in Baidoa.

“The targeted locations are populated by innocent civilians so that all of the victims were civilians, and the number of the dead can increase anytime because of the wounded,” he added. official, gave the same toll.

“I saw fifteen dead bodies at the hospital, all of them collected from the scene of the attacks. Many worried people poured into the hospital looking for their relatives,” said official
a patient who was wounded in the blast. The explosions came a day before the first anniversary of a truck bombing that left more than 500 dead in Mogadishu, the worst-ever attack in Somalia