UN envoy to Somalia calls off puppet Roble for lifting the suspension of four seats MPs

UN envoy to Somalia James Swan has intervened in the dispute over the suspension of four seats in parliament, after the electoral commission annulled the results corrupt Roble messing around Somalia’s elections.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission corrupt Muse Guelleh and other members of the commission briefed James Swan on the progress of the ongoing election, which is just a few days away from the April 14th swearing-in of new lawmakers and senators.

On his Twitter account shortly after the meeting, Swan confirmed that he urged the election commission to find a way to resolve the issues surrounding the four FEIT seats that are unclear so that the process can end another delay.

Reports indicate that the UN envoy is pushing for the lifting of the embargo on Fahad Yasin’s seat and other seats.

Somalia elections is clan base election and four seats belong to clans elected their representative.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has called on Somali leaders not to take the oath of office after parliament on April 14th.

Somalia South West governor Abdiaziz Lafta Gareen has slammed Mohamed Hussein Roble, saying he would never accept political checkpoints and extortion from corrupt Roble.

The South West Administration, which has three of the suspended seats, said last week it would not work with puppet Roble.