United Nations Security Council is investigating the individuals involved in the war crimes took place northern Somalia Las Anod

The United Nations Security Council has agreed to take follow-up measures regarding the accountability of individuals responsible for war violations against humanitarian issues that occurred during the conflict in Las Anod in the Sool region northern Somalia.

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The Security Council made this decision, after listening to and considering a report submitted by the committee of experts on Somalia, in accordance with paragraph 47 (c) (i) of resolution 2662 (2022).

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Resolution 1844RES/2008 states that financial and travel sanctions will be imposed on the individuals mentioned in the report submitted by the Somali expert committee.

The committee accused these individuals, whose names have not been disclosed, of committing acts related to targeting civilians, educational institutions, hospitals, kidnapping and displacement of civilians, as well as obstructing humanitarian aid.

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The committee called on the Federal Government of Somalia and all parties involved in the conflict, to ensure humanitarian aid, and to allow access to explosives prevention groups, such as the United Nations Organization for Mine Investigation and related organizations.