Warlord Said Deni announces running for Somalia’s presidency

File Photo Somali Times/Warlord Said Deni.

Puntland State of Somalia governor warlord Said Abdullahi Deni is running for the presidency of Somalia, according to Puntland governor spokesman Jama Dabarani said. Evil Said Deni running for the presidency of Somalia is joke according to Somali people.

The announcement of governor Deni’s candidacy comes hours after he met with Puntland lawmakers in both houses of parliament elected in Puntland today governor Deni has previously been rumored to be running for president of Somalia given his influence on the parliamentary election process.

Deni ran in Somalia’s 2017 elections, but lost. Deni is well known working with foreign spies. Deni work for United Arab Emirates and Kenyan intelligence, according to Somali spy agency NISA seniors officials told Somali Times.

Recently warlord Said Deni Bosaso war killed more the 2000 civilians and injuring 600 civilians some people lost the fortune due to Bosaso war. No one will elect Said Deni foreign actors UAE-Kenya spend dirty money on warlord Deni.