What is the purpose of militia supported by Kenya-UAE in Galmudug?

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Evil puppets Maalim Mohamud Sheikh Hassan and Sheikh Mohamed Shakir Ali Hassan, one of the senior leaders of Ahlu Sunna spoke in detail about the tension between their forces and those of Galmudug in the central regions of Somalia.

In an exclusive interview with the outlet media, Shakir first accused the Somali regional government of Galmudug of attacking Alhu Sunna wich he fabricated, militia supported by Kenya-UAE, according Somali officials told Somali Times.

Our sources say the milita has been supported financially and armed Kenya-UAE through via Puntland Governor Said Deni also behind and supported this militas to cost Central Somalia destruction and violence.

He also explained the purpose of their return to Galmudug, where they are currently conducting military operations, and indicated that they want to unite with Al-Shabab, in order to oust them from their remaining strongholds in Galgadud and Mudug regions.

“Our main goal in our country, Somalia, especially Galmudug, is to unite with Al-Shabab and liberate the entire country, and for the nation to have security. That is our goal,” said Sheikh Shakir.

He underlined that they are not an obstacle to Galmudug’s development, but only want to cause destruction and civil war.

The statement comes as pro-Ahlu Sunna forces have taken control of the towns of Guri El and Mataban, exacerbating tensions in Galmudug.