Why did Farmajo accept the Ethiopian khat, when it rejected the Kenyan Khat?

Photo/Somali Times

The Federal Government of Somalia has allowed Ethiopian khat to enter Somalia legally, while Kenya remains under a ban on the khat trade.

Ethiopian-based National Airways has landed at Aden Adde International Airport and Hargeisa carrying a truckload of khat known as Hereri. It is the first time since the onset of the disease in the capital Covid-19 countryman as live flight demonstrations, as previously ruled Somalia banned Khat entering in Somalia.

It is not known what caused the Somali government to prefer khat to its two neighbors, but relations between Somalia and Kenya have been deteriorating. The trip to Kenya Former Prime Minister Minister Hassan Ali agenda of candidates for the election and Farmajo wants to stay in Villa Somalia for the next four years.

Somalis crossing the border have questioned why Ethiopia was allowed to export Khat to Somalia without allowing khat to enter Somalia. But a civil aviation official said Kenya’s khat had been halted due to a dispute between the two governments. Meanwhile, khat imports from Mogadishu have affected khat previously imported into Mogadishu from Kenya by boat to Somalia, particularly in the Lower Jubba region.

Somalia suspended trade in Miraa in March as part of measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, and the resumption of international flights on August 3rd excluded non-essential goods.

Kenya used to export about 50 tonnes of khat to Somalia every day and is valued at Sh25 million.