Why is Kenya’s top spy coming to Mogadishu?

Kenya spy chief Noordin Haji

The Director General of Security and Intelligence of Kenya NIS, Mr. Nuradidin Yusuf Haji, today visited Mogadishu.

The Director of NIS was welcomed at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde Airport by the shady Somali spy chief Mahad Salad.

The purpose of the Kenyan intelligence chief’s visit is to promote cooperation between the two sides, especially in the fight against terrorism.

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This visit will be the first visit to Mogadishu by the Director General of Security and Intelligence of Kenya NIS Nuradidin Yusuf Haji.

The two intelligence agencies of Kenya and Somalia will discuss cooperation between them and the fight against the Al-Shabab group, according to sources told Somali Times Somali spy chief Mahad Salad is member of Al-Shabab terrorist group.

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It was last month when the Kenyan intelligence agency arrested a businessman from Mombasa, who is linked to being involved in two shipments of military equipment and explosives that were seized at the port of Mogadishu months ago.

Before this businessman was arrested, Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Unit, ATPU, received information that this man used to provide logistical support to Al-Shabab. He was also part of a suspicious container brought from China to Somalia.

However, the Kenyan intelligence chief’s trip to Mogadishu comes days after he made a secret visit to Kismayo, the seat of the Jubaland administration led by Ahmed Madobe.