Woman was raped and murdered in Hargeisa

A photograph appeared on the Internet

The latest outlet media reports from Hargeisa confirm that a woman named Hinda Omar was raped and killed in Hargeisa’s Mohamed Mooge neighborhood.

Unidentified woman was killed relatives who spoke to the media has brought to the hospital, and confirmed that she was raped and killed  torture caused death of the victim.

“The doctor said she died of rape and murder,” said Hinda’s sister-in-law in a exclusive interview on social media said that the last Hinda on a bus, along with the drivers and conductors went suspected in the incident.

“I boarded a yellow bus with two men on board.Twenty minutes later, I was told the girl was dead, so she was raped and killed,” said Hinda’s sister-in-law.

Finally, the relatives called on the security agencies in Hargeisa to intervene in their case, so that justice can be done to the victim Hinda Omar who passed away.

Hargeisa’s police have taken over the case and are now conducting further investigations into the horrific incident, in order to arrest the perpetrators.

Incidents of rape and murder in the same atrocities following the rise in Somalia, have been reported in different parts of the country.