World Bank donates $100 million to Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh

World Bank donates $100 million to Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

World Bank Director for Somalia Kristina Svensson, who met with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, announced that the World Bank will provide $100 million in government assistance.

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The meeting between Hassan and Kristina focused on strengthening cooperation between the World Bank and the Federal Government of Somalia led by President Hassan Sheikh.

Ms Kristina said the money will be supported by the World Bank over the next 12 months, to address the government’s priorities.

She also praised President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud for his commitment to reforming the country’s financial system. For his part, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud highlighted the federal government’s commitment to improving social services and youth employment. Finally, he called on the World Bank to work with the government to modernize the federal system.

Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and his whole family in the past stealing Somalia public funds 10 September 2012 – 16 February 2017 more then $500 million according Somali officials told Somali Times. The time he was in office for 5 years he never paid civil servants, army forces, police and the whole ministry their wages.

Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was a teacher before he became the Somalia president and now he is a multimillionaire, owning properties in Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Europe, Mauritius and around the world, according to Somali officials told Somali Times.