Mogadishu Mayor said the $ 35 million US dollar loss was caused by heavy rains in Mogadishu

Mogadishu- Somali Times Mogadishu Mayor and Governor of Banadir region Mr. Abdirahman Omar Osman said the heavy rains in the last 48 hours have been caused by a variety of casualties. $ 35 Million US Dollar.

The mayor said the capital loss in addition to that there is a humanitarian crisis and urgent needs, especially food and medical supplies, to address the situation, adding that the administration is struggling with a solution to the problem of precipitation from the water and the seaside areas are being held in a massive campaign to repatriate the deceased.

The governor first reported the loss of lives and livelihoods caused by rainfall, indicating that the latest census confirms the death of 6 people and three of them are children under 12 years of age 301 buildings and some of the major roads in the capital, such as the Hodan district’s workers, the Firefighting and Bakara, the Ambulance of the Warriors and the Warriors of the Peace, the Brigade of David and the other road.

Mr Osman warned that heavy rains are worsening the situation in  camps in extreme displacement, and displacing many other populations in the densely populated areas as well as poor people is housed in a dining hall. The camps are often lacking hygiene centers, and thus increase the risk of infectious diseases.

“I call on aid agencies and in general to all who have access to emergency food and medical supplies to the affected populations, as predicted by the forecast, an additional rainfall is expected to deteriorate, so that should be prepared and the rescue will come as soon as possible ” said. Mayor.

The mayor thanked the people of the capital and the army’s role in the responses made, liked requested to enhance response to the problem