5 Quick Stress Relievers for Teenagers

Stressed Teenager

Let us quickly get to the review section and explore the world of zero stress!

No matter wherever you go or whatever you do, stress remains a constant part of life. There literally exists no special person on earth who does not encounter stress and anxiety. A little bit of stress is always okay, but you might lookout for ways to counteract and diminish the over stressful feelings when it gets excessive.

Today in this blog post, I have compiled quick stress relievers that you MUST try if you are someone who gets overstressed too frequently. So, without any further talks, let us quickly get to the review section and explore the world of zero stress!


Before getting onto the main context, let me tell you that nothing can really help you unless you prepare your mind and commit to freeing yourself from stress and anxiety. Do not be harsh on yourself and try up to the extent your mental health allows. Remember that changes occur gradually and not immediately ever!

1. Calling a friend or a family member

Talking to a friend who can understand you to the best and is always ready to listen to you is literally the greatest stress reliever you can ever try. Deep talks are not always the best thing to do, because that way, you tend to bring out issues about life that are bothering you and hence stress yourself much more.

Though calling a friend is a good option but meeting them is much better. If it is possible for you, try to visit them and cook your favorite meals together and have fun! Trust me; this method would work great if you are a person who is too much social and loves being around people.

2. Meditating for a while

For the extreme introverts, who do not like mingling a lot, meditation is the best remedy when stress waves strike. For a concentrated meditation activity, you must keep a good yoga mat with you at all times. Such a mat would make it further easy for you to carry out a deeply thoughtful meditation in peace and calmness.

This will also keep you fit and healthy, and once you get a habit of this activity,’ your mind would feel much more relaxing and freer of stress. Meditating and doing yoga is rated as much better than taking foods that improve your mental health.

3. Staying away from smoking tobacco

Let us just break this myth today that relates smoking with the reduction in stress. Many chain smokers believe that their stress vanishes away when they smoke tobacco or nicotine. Believe me; this is just a superstitious theory that does not hold any logic. Smokers are obviously addicted to smoking, and doing something that you are addicted to produces feelings of peace and calmness in mind.

If you are in love with smoking’s instant aftereffects, you can try out CBD hemp flower instead. This plant produces very similar emotions that arise in you after smoking, but the only difference is that it is not unhealthy. It also does not has any intoxicating ingredients which make your mind addictive to it. CBD Concentrates is yet another substitute for the flower, which you can roll on if smoking the bud is annoying for you.

4. Start some easy breathing exercises.

When you are under stress, you usually feel inconvenience in breathing, and that’s why you start feeling more suffocation. To deal with such a condition, breathing exercises are the best solution. Try to breathe with your nose only, letting air be filled in your belly, and then exhale at once. This would help you calm down and give you instant relief from anxiety as well.

Breathing exercises are also healthy and useful for distracting attention from matters that are stressing you out. This is one of the best remedies and the quickest stress reliever that will give you an instant relief.


5. Consider intaking supplements

If none of those, as mentioned earlier remedies work for you, then the last hope is taking some medicinal cure. Do not worry. These medicines would not be bad for your health but would let you feel relief and peace in an instant so that you can perform better in life. Some of the stress-relieving supplements include Green tea, lemon juice, and omega acids. Natural supplements are also available and much popular, but they do not quickly pose a reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety.

SIDE TIP: Eating healthy does not only improve your mental health but also significantly reduces the chances of diseases that are associated with tension and stress such as diabetes.


The bottom line is,’ YOU have to make an effort for yourself if you really want to cure stress and give yourself a quick relief. Nothing is going to work if you sit idly and leave it on your situation for it to get better. I would also recommend you stay away from negative people and life events that pose harm to your mental health. If you stay with people who cast a positive impact upon you, your mind will get good vibes, and your mental health would not get badly affected by anything that happens around you. Life is a series of ups and downs, so do not lose heart and try to live everyday like the best day of your life. I wish you the best of luck!

Source: African Exponent