Afisyoni conference is adjourned due to foreign puppets Deni-Ahmed Madobe

File Photo/Somali Times

The meeting between the heads of the federal and state governments in addressing agenda 2021 election for on hold, according to Somali officials told Somali Times.

Today’s meeting, which was the second day of the conference, ended without any agreement on all contentious issues on the agenda. Somali leaders are to be holding consultations tomorrow, with the meeting set to resume on Tuesday, but the suspension could be extended for another day.

Reports say that outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo rejected all proposals by Ahmed Madobe and Said Deni that they wanted to include in the conference agenda, leading to a stalemate.

These include: reducing the President’s power in the transition period, Farmajo was joined by the three pro-government regional governors Abdiaziz Laftagaren, Qoor Qoor and Ali Gudlawe, while Omar Filish was initially reluctant to attend such meetings.

Qoor Qoor and Gudlawe specifically refused to allow Said Deni and Ahmed Madobe to discuss issues related to Mogadishu, such as the February 19th attack, arguing that they did not represent Mogadishu and the Hawiye clan.

It is unclear how the situation will turn out, but sources said there is no hope, and this will ultimately end in the direct intervention of the international community.