Al-Shabab strikes army base in Mogadishu, killing UAE military officers and injuring several others

A new army soldier who was training at the Somali General Gordon military camp in Mogadishu carried out a dangerous attack tonight, killing officers and other soldiers.

Preliminary reports say that the loss of the attack carried out by that soldier is more than 10 people including officers and soldiers.

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The information adds that UAE officials who were training instructors in the camp are among the men killed by the soldier, although the official number has not yet been confirmed.

According to sources told Somali Times, this soldier was part of the new army and was given their weapons in the past few hours, after the training was completed.

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The attack took place inside the camp, and the soldier was one of the soldiers who had completed their training and were recently given weapons.

It is not yet known whether the soldier who carried out the shooting is affiliated with Al-Shabab or not.

The emergency for the soldiers and officers affected by the attack by the soldier is now being felt in the area of General Gordon’s camp, according to sources told Somali Times.