UAE says it lost mercenaries in Somalia

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The Ministry of Défense of the United Arab Emirates has announced the death of military officers from the armed forces of the UAE and an officer from the Bahraini Défense Forces along with two others who were injured in the attack on General Gordan’s base in Mogadishu.

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The ministry said that these officers died while carrying out their duty to train and improve the armed forces of Somalia, as part of the bilateral agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the government of Somalia based on military cooperation between the two countries.

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In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defence, it asked God to shower His mercy on the deceased, and it sent its condolences to the bereaved families and wished full recovery to the injured.

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The ministry added that the United Arab Emirates government continues to coordinate and cooperate with the Somali government in the investigation of this attack by al-Shabab.

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According to sources told Somali Times, this soldier was part of the new army and was given their weapons in the past few hours, after the training was completed.

The attack took place inside the camp, and the soldier was one of the soldiers who had completed their training and were recently given weapons.