China has distanced itself to set up a military base in Somalia

China’s ambassador to Somalia, FEI Shengchao

China has distanced itself from seeking to establish a military base inside Somalia. China’s ambassador to Somalia, Shengchao, in an interview with outlet media, described the statement as “false” by the commander of US forces in Africa.

Gen. Steven Towsend said in a recent interview that Somalia and China had discussed plans to build a Chinese military base inside Somalia.

”China does not want to build a military base in Somalia. We have not discussed the issue with Somalia. I do not know where this information came from,” said the Chinese ambassador to Somalia.

However, China and the United States are vying for influence in the Horn of Africa, sending special diplomats to East Africa.

The two countries each want to have good relations with these countries, so that they can invest in and take advantage of their natural resources.