Deni says development of Puntland is our first priority

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni who was closing the meeting of the Puntland government said that the first priority today is how to work in a developed and stable Puntland and its people get the services they need.

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President Deni said that part of Puntland’s finances are provided by foreign agencies, who manage what they pay and decide who they give it to, and the government has only to stonewall it or cut it off in the last five years. “We want to change that practice,” said President Deni.

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In the second important plan, President Deni said that we should rely on foreign aid and gradually reduce it and replace it with our own resources. He said that there is a need for continuous accountability and secure security. In order to ensure security, the security agencies must be reformed, and the reform plan is not one that I am detailing here.

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Finally, the President of Puntland said that the first priority of his government now is the development of Puntland, and he said:

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“The first priority is the development of Puntland. We will re-establish our government. We are working on what we have achieved for 25 years. We want Puntland to be best now and in the future and service to the people is sufficient, the Puntland government is built by its people and will not go back, it is one of the member governments of the federation, Somalia’s nationalism is in our interest and we will not run away from anyone, we will catch whoever is wrong,” said the President of Puntland.

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