Somalia’s Puntland has become an independent state

File Photo/Somali Times

Puntland has become an independent state until an agreed constitution.

Puntland has announced that it has withdrawn its trust and recognition from the institutions of the federal government of Somalia, according to a decision issued by the cabinet of Puntland.

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This decision was made by Puntland in response to the decision of the two houses of the Somalia Parliament yesterday to amend the interim constitution of Somalia.

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Puntland has clearly stated that it will have the power of an independent government, pointing out that it will act on the 4th article of its constitution, until a federal constitution is agreed upon and taken to a referendum.

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“Shady president Hassan Sheikh broke the agreement with Somalia after the civil war in 1991,” said the minister of internal affairs of the Puntland administration.

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Puntland said president Hassan Sheikh has lost the constitutional legitimacy of the presidency, saying that he cancelled the Somali system that was in the agreement.

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Somalia’s 2012 provisional constitution has been under review for nearly a decade.