Somalia Hassan Sheikh’s government is facing a widespread financial crisis and the causes

File Photo/Somali Times

The government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is reported to be difficult economic times. In general, the capital city where the government sits is reporting a type of financial crisis that has not been seen in recent times by the public and politicians.

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Every time the government gets into financial trouble, the problem the soldiers inflict on the people increases. Last week there were two incidents involving the government, both of which were attempts to reach into the pockets of the public.

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One is the incident at Aden Adde airport, where people were refusing to leave until their tickets were removed from $9. The second incident is soldiers looking for money and forcefully entering the major universities in Mogadishu.

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While there is still a debate on how to manage the hundreds of millions of money that is collected from the residents of Mogadishu every year, the people described the poor financial situation of the federal government as the reason for several factors.

1. Contracts awarded to individuals that do not benefit the government

Money accumulates in a few hands. Contracts that could have benefited the government a lot of money were transferred to friends and relatives, which resulted in the government missing out on a lot of money.

President Hassan’s administration, which is suffering from bad finances, has been called to return all the contracts held by individuals who have been wrongly paid, and then look at the national interest and properly discuss what benefits the government and what can be returned to the people.

2. Bad innovation of the government

One of the reasons for the bad economy due to President Hassan’s regime is said to be poor creativity from the poor quality of the government.

Some members of the World Bank and UN officials who refused to be named said that millions of dollars in Somalia are meant to be in the coffers of the UN and the World Bank, but the government does not have the capacity to spend the money. into the country, through effective jobs that can help in the country and the people.

Instead, the government discredits the sale of government land for 5 or 10 million dollars. The fact that one of your ministries has 200 million dollars that requires your thinking and work to make it happen that instead you are wasting time selling government land for several million dollars is a lack of creativity and poor quality on your part.

President Hassan Sheikh should re-evaluate the government as a whole, especially the ministers.

3. Financial management

Informed people who are concerned about the poor financial situation of the Somali government said that one of the problems is the mismanagement of the small amount that was held, which if nothing is done can worsen the economic problem.

President Hassan Sheikh and his regime should strengthen the government, look for economic innovation, focus on projects that have been blocked by the government, improve financial management, and award contracts in a manner that is in the national interest and free from personal interests. Somali government avoids the illegal way of tax the Somali people who are traveling like the incident at the Aden Adde airport.