Election Commissioner is expected to announce an election delay in Somalia 2021

Photo/Somali Times

According to reliable sources, Villa Somalia indicates that it is soon possible for the independent election commissioner of the nation to announce the delay of Somalia’s election. Members of the committee said, ‘The committee wanted to postpone the election to find a solution of Coronavirus, but has not yet completed its recommendations on this issue with other high offices in the country and the opposition parties.

“The commissioners’ work has been halted from region to city, as well as the general election activities and the Coronavirus is in danger in the country and there is no time to vote,” a senior member of the committee told Somali Times. It is not clear how long the election will be postponed, but it is believed it could be up to two years.

The committee before announcing its decision awaits a look at the state of Coronavirus in the country, believing it will worsen in the coming days or weeks, so that their decision may be justified. It is not known how this could be possible, but the committee members said they believed the risks could be due to the delay but worse said the risk of COVID-19. which appears to be spreading in Somalia, is growing in concern with the Somali community as the government does not have the capacity to respond.

The election of the president of Somalia is less than eight months away and the parliament has only five months left to run,