Ethiopia’s army chief says he is awaiting a order to fight in the Tigray region

Credit: Twitter Chief of the Ethiopian army Birhanu Jula.

Ethiopian army chief announces pledge to fight in Tigray. The commander-in-chief of the Ethiopian army, Birhanu Jula, told the Ethiopian News Agency that he was awaiting orders from his superiors to re-engage fighting in the northern Tigray region.

The commander said that the government forces are ready and the only thing they are waiting for is an order to allow the attack.

He called on the TPLF to respect the ceasefire agreement reached between the two sides. Commander Birhanu’s statement comes as a World Food Program aid convoy was attacked on Sunday, 115 km from the Afar regional capital Semera.

The World Food Program says it has launched an investigation into the attack on its aid convoy in Ethiopia. Fighting between the Ethiopian military and the TPLF has lasted for eight months, killing scores of people and displacing thousands more.