Ex Somali prime minister Omar Abdirashid warned illegal extension two-year regional administrations

The former prime minister of Somalia, Mr. Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, spoke about the political situation in the country, especially the conference on the issue of the regional governments regarding the period of growth.

Sharmarke, who issued a statement, revealed that the current plan of the Somali leaders to extend the two-year period, he said, is damaging the liberation operations that are currently underway in the country.

He also pointed out that it is a shame that they are now longing for a period of increase which they had previously opposed to be done for the previous president.

“If the rumors are true, it will create the opposite effect and probably weaken the fight against Al-Shabab,” he said.

He is coming to Mogadishu, while the heads of the federal and regional governments are currently meeting in Mogadishu to discuss sensitive issues such as the war against Al-Shabab, fuel and other issues.

According to Somali Times, the Council agreed that all the heads of the state governments should expire at the same time, so that election activities are not distracted from the tough fight against Al-Shabab terrorists network.

This article will be one of the messages expected to come out of the meeting of the National Consultative Council between the leaders of the federal government and those of the states.