Farmajo bans government agencies from entering into agreements during elections

Photo/Somali Times

Farmajo’s order came out tonight

President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo, said on Facebook propaganda campaign from his office over the bodies stopped to enter into an agreement or understanding of any pressing political, economic and security.

The President said that considering the elections, he has suspended until after the elections, the agreements of the Federal Government of Somalia such as the Government and other executive branches entering into with other countries, institutions and international companies.

He said it was forbidden, until after the election, for ministries and other government agencies to enter into agreements in the name of the Federal Government of Somalia that would affect the country’s future, national sovereignty, and Somalia’s territorial waters.

The presidential decree also stated that no trade agreement could be reached with governments during the elections.

According to some reports, Roble wants to re-release Kenyan khat drug, which has been banned by the government, in order to open khat in Ethiopia to traders close to the president and others.

Roble has been under intense pressure in recent months from khat drug suppliers to demand that khat trade be made free and not restricted to private individuals, which Roble reportedly accepted.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that President Farmajo’s decree tonight limiting the powers of government institutions has been demanded by the opposition candidates, since his term ended on February 7, 2021.

So, it is worth asking what happened tonight and before Roble’s trip to Nairobi on Tuesday 10th August 2021?