Farmajo speech extensively about his government’s performance

The Presidential candidate . Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo one of the candidates for the presidency, addressed members of both Houses of Parliament today in his State of the Nation Address, if re-elected.

Farmajo spoke extensively about his government’s performance over the past five years, focusing on security, politics, the economy and the fight against al-Shabab.

Presidential candidate Farmajo once again called on members of both houses of parliament to cast their votes to continue to lead Villa Somalia, boasting that he had fought corruption and strengthened good governance in Somalia.

He also spoke on political and economic issues, saying it had created political stability and economic growth, according to the statement.

He added that he had curtailed the weapons of the Somali government so that it would not fall into the wrong hands.

On the other hand, he explained ongoing change seeker’ and noted that the change began at the present stage of the election.

“The change came from the so-called stagnant change in our history. As you know, the change for the better begins now in the run-up to the election,” he said.

If re-elected he promised to give the country an election of one person and one vote, and declared that if someone else was elected it would be difficult.

“We are very close to electing a person and a voice and if a new person arrives we will not be able to reach him,” he added.

However, speeches by presidential candidates are expected to conclude this afternoon, with elections set for May 15.