Hassan Sheikh is seeking a loan from the African Bank

File Photo/Somali Times

Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, is today attending the annual meeting of the African Development Bank in Nairobi, Kenya.

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African Development Bank conference is focused on restructuring Africa’s financial structure.

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The conference will be attended by the presidents of many African countries and the leaders of the African Development Bank.

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Somalia has failed management of finances, according to Somali Times, contracts awarded to individuals that do not benefit the government. Money accumulates in a few hands. Contracts that could have benefited the government a lot of money were transferred to friends and relatives, which resulted in the government missing out on a lot of money.

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Hassan Sheikh’s administration, which is suffering from bad finances, has been called to return all the contracts held by individuals who have been wrongly paid, and then look at the national interest and properly discuss what benefits the government and what can be returned to the people.

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The financial development measures he has taken for our country have led to the forgiveness of the country’s debt, and the financial institutions of the world such as the World Bank, IMF and AfDB have trusted the Somali government in its financial management.

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However, President Hassan Sheikh’s visit to Nairobi is the fourth in a month that he has visited Kenya.

The President of Somalia participated in one of those trips to the meeting of African leaders and the World Bank held in Nairobi, while he held another regional negotiation with Kenyan leaders, first of all President William Ruto.