Informant Roble meets with US Ambassador to Somalia

A Photograph appear on Internet

Somali informant Mohamed Hussein Roble met new US Ambassador to Somalia Larry Adre discusses strengthening ties between the two countries. Completing the country’s elections, security and counter-terrorism and the role of the United States.

According to Somali officials told Somali Times low life Roble as usual always inform foreign actors Somalia affairs and always pass to them sensitive information.

Mohamed Hussein Roble does not have much left in office only few weeks left and Roble will be unemployed. Roble need to go to university and study political science and need to learn what is politics.

Somalia going to elections and they will elect new president whether Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo been reelected or new president.

Farmajo has more chances of being reelected and Farmajo is leading so far compared to opposition presidental candidate.

The new US Ambassador to Somalia has expressed his commitment to strengthening relations between the two countries and his government’s support for Somalia.