International Community, Somali leaders discuss election and security issues

Photo/Somali Times

The Somalia Partnership Forum between the Federal Government of Somalia, regional administrations and the international community has recently opened at Amisom Headquarters in Mogadishu. Discusses a variety of issues, including the political situation in the country, political parties, and progress has been made in support of the following plans.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble officially opened the one-day conference, delivering a keynote address on various issues related to Somalia, including the country’s elections.

During the conference, the focus will be on the country’s elections, the transition, security and challenges, as well as the international community’s concerns on the electoral commissions.

The presidents of the regional administrations will attend the conference between the Federal Government of Somalia and the international community on Zoom, and most members of the International Community will attend Zoom.