The President of Somalia warmly welcomed in Asmara


The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and his delegation arrived in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. The president and his delegation have welcomed President Asmus Afwerki and other officials at the Asmara International Airport.

Asmara’s reds are on the Somali flag, due to the visit of the president and his delegation. President Mohamed will be in Asmara for three days starting today. Hundreds of people luxaya flags and a picture of a president who brings along the streets of Asmara. The two presidents will discuss bilateral ties, cooperation and regional stability.
It is the first time the Somali president visited Eritrea since the independence of his country in 1993.

For years, the tensions between Eritrea and Ethiopia had played out partly in Somalia as each gave military support to opposing sides in Somalia. In 2007, Eritrea had supported the Islamic Courts Union ICU, which ruled much of southern and central Somalia for six months before being ousted in a 2006 Ethiopian-led military offensive.