Roble, Ahmed Madobe and Uhuru Kenyatta political turmoil

File Photo/Somali Times

The impasse over the upcoming Garbaharey town election has become the biggest challenge facing Somali informant Mohamed Hussein Roble at the moment. Garbaharey, the second constituency in Jubaland, has 16 seats in the lower house of parliament.

The Gedo regional administration, which is being pushed back by Villa Somalia, has completely blocked the arrival of a committee appointed by the Roble to assess the situation in Garbaharey, of the Gedo region.

The informant, which has climbed a tall and short tree to get the commission to Garbaharey, now appears desperate, unless another door is opened.

Sources say Somali informant Mohamed Hussein Roble told US Ambassador Larry André on Thursday that there were obstacles to the Garbaharey election, which could not be held there.

Jubaland puppet Ahmed Madobe also informed the US Ambassador that no elections could be held in the town, as the deadline for concluding the council elections was 15 May.

Roble, puppet Ahmed Madobe and Uhuru Kenyatta have agreed to move the election from Garbaharey to Kismayo, but it is unclear when they will announce it.

However, parliamentary elections are once again on the verge of being delayed, beyond March 15th 2022.

Somalia elections foreign actors interfering Uhuru Kenyatta and his gang UAE medelling Somalia elections according to Somali spy agency NISA told Somali Times.