Somali Ambassador presented his credentials to U.S. President Donald Trump


New Somali ambassador to Washington Ali Sharif Ahmed presented his credentials to US President Donald Trump yesterday. Ambassador Ali Sharif will be the third Somali ambassador to Washington since 2014. Ambassador Ali Sharif has previously served as Somalia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and France.

He also replaces Ahmed Issa Awad, former US ambassador to the United States, after he was appointed as Somalia’s foreign minister. Meanwhile, the Somali federal government welcomed President Donald J. Trump’s credentials from the White House with the new ambassador to Washington, Mr. Ali Sharif.

Press release from the President of Somalia.The Federal Government welcomes the recognition of US President Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of the White House by the new Ambassador to Washington, Mr. Ali Sharif, who was tasked to foster a historic friendship, strategic partnership and partnership. for the benefit of both countries.

The Somali government and its people see the United States as a strong ally and a key partner in the development and sustainability of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Somalia’s new ambassador to Washington has previously served as Ambassador to France, Ethiopia. He was also the Permanent Representative to Somalia for the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

In addition to his experience with the government, Ambassador Ahmed has served as a senior manager, entrepreneur and consultant for companies and international organizations. The ambassador received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, and a Bachelor’s degree from London Metropolitan University in the same country specializing in Geopolitics and Strategy as well as Peace and Conflict Studies. respectively.

The Somali government is confident that Ambassador Ahmed will fulfill his mission to further strengthen the historic relationship between the two countries and modern opportunities for mutual benefit.