Somali defense minister meets European Union Mission in Somalia

The Minister of Defense of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Ali Mohamed held a meeting with the European Union Mission in Somalia .EU
Mr. Hassan Ali Mohamed, the Somali government defense minister, thanked the European Union for its support in support of Somalia, especially the development of the Somali National Army, and called for the EU Operation to Restore the Somalia Army to double the capable of the Somali National Army,

meeting  discussed a number of issues including the promotion activities of training in Europe for Army, with officers from the European Union as part  training army’s  European Union training Mission of Somalia, the Defense Minister the country has described the role of the Somali National Army and its accomplishments.
The European Union Mission in Somalia .Amisom has expressed its gratitude to the Minister of Defense for his new commitment, saying they are continuing their support for the Somali National Army.

Following the meeting, Minister of Defense, Mr. Hassan Ali Mohamud, visited the Ministry of Defense, who met with the Ministry of Defense of the Somali Ministry of Labor, and urged staff to take care of the nation’s work, saying that it is time to look at the work entered and leaving.
It was accompanied by the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, the director of finance and finance and other ministries in the Ministry.