Somali dodgy speaker Aden Madobe took another step related to the extension

File Photo/Somali Times

A debate and reaction has been caused by the plan for the extension of the term of the federal government, which is currently being discussed in Parliament, to make changes in the term of office of the government agencies.

The main point that caused the debate is that the term of office of the institutions of the federal government of Somalia should last four years.

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The dodgy Speaker of the People’s Assembly, warlord Adan Mohamed Nur has once again taken steps to increase this period, as the special committee to propose amendments and supplements to the Transitional Constitution was previously appointed by the First Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly who tried to extended the period before, so that their recommendations can be submitted, debated, and then implemented.

This issue was greatly opposed by the members of the opposition who warned that they should now proceed with an increase period.

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On the other hand, he underlined that this issue has caused a need, but it can be overcome by holding an election of people and votes in which the Somali people choose their leaders and the people who would represent the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

The group led by Hassan Sheikh must convey to Somalia how Somalis would elect the President of the people they want.

In 2021, the Lower House of Parliament voted to extend the mandate of former President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo and the federal government by two years to end a political stalemate over Somalia national elections.

However, opposition candidates, led by current corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, successfully pushed the parliament to abandon the mandate term extensions.