Somali Prime Minister Khaire and President Al-Bashir discuss security, economic growth and investment

Khartoum – Somali Times The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr Hassan Ali Khaire and the President of Sudan Omar Hassan Al-Bashir held a meeting in Khartoum on a two-day official visit to the Horn of Africa nation. , development, investment and development in the region as a whole.

“I have a meeting with the president of Sudan. I am very grateful for the good reception. We talked about strengthening the depth of relations between Somalia and Sudan, security, development, economic growth, investment, how we can deal with regional issues and how Somalia can take on an inherent basis based on our experience and Our resources, “said Prime Minister Khaire.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre thanked Sudan for supporting education, underlining that as the rest of the world saw Somalia’s hopelessness, Sudan saw it was helped to give it a chance to recover, said the Sudanese students participated in the reconstruction of Somalia.

“About seven thousand Somali students are studying in this country, and others have already graduated and helped to rebuild the country,” said Prime Minister Khaire.
The Prime Minister’s statement on the other side of the peace agreement was signed by the parties to the conflict in South Sudan, praising President Al-Bashir for his positive role and said that the agreement had been made in Africa can solve problems within the crisis.

“With my delegation, I am very pleased that we have been part of the peace agreement that ended the Southern Sudan conflict. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir took a leadership position, he made a special operation for himself, and with the people of Sudan, we would be grateful for the inspiration for peace in Southern Sudan. The agreement signed by all parties involved in South Sudan’s political agenda demonstrates that the problem of Africa’s problems is settled in Africa, “said Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.