Somali spy chief names new chief of staff Aden Adde International Airport

Somali spy chief Fahad Yasin.

The director of the Somali National Security and Intelligence Agency, Fahad Yasin, has appointed Abbas Yaqub as the new head of NISA, following the recent removal of Abdullahi Kulane.

Abbas Yaqub has been appointed as NISA’s new chief of staff, replacing Abdullahi Kulane, who was recently fired by Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

The newly-appointed Chief of Staff of NISA is said to be a former senior member of NISA, who was previously in charge of NISA’s Financial and Technology Management.

The appointment of Abbas Yaqub comes after the recent removal of Abdullahi Kulane, the head of NISA’s staff, and Aden Adde International Airport’s security chief, Abdiwahab Sheikh Ali, who violated Prime Minister Roble’s decision not to ban Somali nationals from the airport departing.