The Qatar Government announces commencement of Hobyo Port construction project

Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu, The ministers of the ports of Somalia and Qatar, Maryam Aweys Jama, and Jassim Bin Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti announced today that the construction of Hobyo port in Mudug region will begin. The ceremony, which was held at the Prime Minister’s Office was attended by the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, the Deputy Prime Minister, Qatar’s Foreign Minister, the President of Galmudug, and some members of the two Houses, Ministers and Ministers. -Ordinates of the Somali federal government.

The Qatari port minister thanked the prime minister for his welcoming reception in Mogadishu, said Hobyo port is the most modern way of building and starting its own construction, to benefit the Somali people. The Minister of Ports of the Federal Government of Somalia, Maryam Aweys Jama, said that starting the port of Hobyo is crucial for Somali youth employment and economic development in the country.

In early December 2018, the governments of Somalia and Qatar signed development agreements with the port city of Hobyo, at which time the Qatar Port Minister, who had a special meeting with Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, pledged. that the Qatar government will start the port construction project as soon as possible.