Somalia 100 Members of Parliament opposed the amendment creating a new constitution

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia 100 members of the two Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia who held a meeting last night in Mogadishu strongly opposed the plan to amend the interim constitution.

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The members of the two chambers of the Somali Parliament said that the way things are going is not to change the Constitution but to create a new Constitution.

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These dignitaries said in a press conference that the current plan is dangerous to the process of building a government in Somalia.

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MPs Abdisalan Dhabancad and Senator Mohamed Yusuf, who led the MPs in the meeting in Mogadishu, said at the press conference they held that they do not support President Hassan Sheikh’s amendment to the Constitution, calling on the President to deviate from the path he is on that could lead to challenges ahead.

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“President, we support you for the hard work you have been doing day and night for this country, but we cannot agree with you on the amendment of the Constitution,” said MP Abdisalam Dhabancad.

The opposition to the amendment of the Constitution by the members of the two houses coincides with the former presidents and other famous politicians opposing the move by the top leaders of the country to amend the Constitution.