Somalia announces funding for 2021 elections

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia has for the first time detailed the source of funding elections, and the elections’ contract. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamoud, said the election funds will come from the federal government, candidates and the international community, which will play a key role in providing the funds.

“Elections are very expensive. I think now about 15.5 million will cost the election, some will come from the registration of candidates, some will be subsidized by the government, there will still be a shortfall. “The international community will be invited,” said the Somali foreign minister. He emphasized the need to raise funds for the election, which he said would cost more than $15 million.

The international community, which is believed to be paying the bulk of the election expenses, will deliver to the government in the coming months, as a formal agreement is reached on the long-running electoral dispute. The federal government and member states have signed an agreement to hold the elections in less than two months, and he is heading the country in that direction, following a state of uncertainty.