Somalia has become lawless since Hassan Sheikh came to power

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud visited the police headquarters in Mogadishu, a few days after the deaths of three women, all allegedly murdered by their husbands, sparked outrage in Mogadishu. Somalia has become lawless since Hassan Sheikh came to power 15 May 2022.

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President Hassan Sheikh’s urged the Somalia Police Force to focus on developing the country’s laws and intensify the fight against corruption and drug use. He received reports on the structure, operational procedures, reform plans, and statistics of the Somalia Police Force from various departments within the force’s leadership.

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Protesters held displaying photos of Lul Abdi Aziz in her hospital bed,the 28-year-old had been doused with petrol and set alight. She suffered severe burns and survived in agony for seven days after being attacked. Jazira, a widow with six children, met her second husband at Mogadishu airport, where she worked. A few days later, security forces arrested Sayid Ali Moalim Daud, an airport worker, for burning his pregnant wife to death.

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Defeating Al-Shabab and their poisonous ideology is rightly the obsession of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh’s. He talks the talk and walks the walk in his determination and actions to this end.

The Banadir regional police command has given more details about an explosion that caused a lot of damage last night at intersection in Heliwa district of Mogadishu.

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A statement issued by the Police of Banadir region said that the explosion of the Al-Shabab group targeted a public car and a Bajaj motorcycle passing through.

“Cruel terrorists, this evening on February 19, 2024, attempted to bomb a public car and a motorcycle at the intersection in Heliwa district. The damage caused by the explosion is the death of 5 people and the injury of dozens of others, all of whom were passing by.” It was said in the statement issued by the Police of Banadir region.

The explosion was also described as a pop-up mine, which caught the Somali public car and the passenger car that was carrying civilians on their way to their homes.

This explosion that caused a lot of damage comes at the same time as in the past Mogadishu has been resistant to such explosions, after the security of the city has become lawless.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Somalia has issued a press release to discuss Hargeisa administration disruption of air traffic control in Somalia, and warned that Somalia’s federal government will take serious action if Hargeisa administration northern does not stop the air traffic control disruption.

Also, the government of Somalia said that foreign hands that are pursuing their own interests are part of the disruption that Hargeisa administration has to the planes that use Somalia’s airspace, and the stated that it has failed to take strong measures by throwing the people of the northern regions.