Somalia neglects security and neglects leadership

File Photo/Somali Times

By Former Somalia spy chief Fahad Yasin

The camp of General Gordan, which was one of the most secure facilities, where the National Army officers and foreign trainers conspired is a new act in the security history of our country.

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For President Hassan Sheikh, what happened should be a lesson for him to learn from and a reason to correct things.

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When the former leader of Al Shabab Mukhtar Robow warded him a ministerial position, when the ministries are under the leadership of the military, individuals whose history is sure to have been through Al-Shabab, when he gave the most sensitive organizations to men who were working for Al-Shabab, what is the result he can expect?

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A painful face-off has affected the reputation and credibility of the country’s security. If the president does not make immediate changes in the country’s security leadership structure, what can be expected is a security failure, which is worse than what happened.

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What has happened is security negligence, and if the President does not take appropriate action, it will turn into leadership negligence.

I pray to Allah to have mercy on those who died in that horrible attack, and to give good health to most of the wounded.