Somalia Parliament ended up in chaos with responsibility from the dodgy government

Photographer Somali Times

Today’s session of the Somali Parliament ended in chaos and misunderstanding when the parliament was scheduled to start holding the cabinet accountable.

Members of Parliament accused the Standing Committee of violating the parliamentary laws and the process of government accountability.

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MP Abdirashid Jiley said that it is an offense to the parliament, as he said that the standing committee of the parliament should present before the council a list written by the government.

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“The standing committee met with the prime minister and told him to prepare the schedule of the ministers opposing the parliament. This is a mistake. The standing committee cannot take action without consulting the members of parliament,” said the lawmaker.

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Member of Parliament Dahir Amin Jesow said the Standing Committee violated the independence of 275 members of the National Assembly. He said that they succeeded in suspending the accountability of the security minister who would appear in parliament.

Rep. Jesow said the standing committee is preventing parliament from holding the government accountable.

It was yesterday when the secretary of the prime minister’s office submitted to the parliament a schedule on how the ministers are going to confront the parliament.