Somalia president arrives in Eritrea

Photo/ Somali Times

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and his delegation has arrived in Asmara.

The leaders of Somalia, Eritrea Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali will hold bilateral talks in Asmara. ‘During these meetings, the leaders are evaluating the effectiveness of the measures to ensure transparency and transparency in the region, unifying the terrorists’ plans and resolving the challenges surrounding regional Cooperation.

The delegation of the Federal Government of Somalia to participate in the talks will share with their Eritrean and Ethiopian counterparts how the people and the Somali government are committed to strengthening their governance and progress in the past, emphasizing their vital role. Adapt the ambitious development process.

Landlocked Country Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is interested to create four ship ports in Somalia. The four ship ports, Berbera, Bosaso, Kismayo and Hobyo brought 9 Navy Ships purchased Ethiopian.