Somalia president Hassan Sheikh says we have to negotiate Al-Shabab

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia corrupt President Hassan Sheikh says we have to negotiate Al-Shabab of their territory and open talks with them.

In an interview with outlet media in Mogadishu, Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud said Al-Shabab had merged into areas under its control.

The Somalia president said his first step is to negotiate Al-Shabab the step could be to open talks.

President Hassan Sheikh said the war against Al-Shabab could take years. He described Al-Shabab as resilient, according to sources Somali spy agency told Somali Times.

Hassan Sheikh has links to Al-Shabab terror network they love him as Damul Jadid leader. There is no diference between Al-Shabab and Damul Jadid they believe in evil ideology and they are using different Quran according to Somali spy agency senior officials told Somali Times.

Hassan Sheikh said taxes levied by Al-Shabab on people living in rural areas enlist their children.

He also said there are courts and basic services in areas under Al-Shabab control.

“Our vision is to negotiate Al-Shabab and show people that the government is protecting their faith different Quran. This means waging a face-to-face to negotiate ,” Hassan Sheikh said.

Our sources add majority of Al-Shabab army fighters and suicide bombers are Hawiye community 95% that’s why Hassan Sheikh wants to negotiate with Al-Shabab. Even Mogadishu capital of Somalia each house have four members of Al-Shabab.