Somalia president, spy chief and Minister of Religion are members of Al-Shabab terrorist group

The appointment of the new Cabinet of Ministers of the Somali government, after Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre announced the 26 ministers yesterday.

Hamza Barre first announced that the appointed members include new and former members of the country’s past governments, who have been involved in the country’s political affairs for some time.

The prime minister out that the positions and ministries that have been announced are not different from the previous ministries, even though the prime minister named his government when he appointed Minister of Religion Al-Shabab leader Mukhtar Robow.

Sources say it wasn’t the prime minister appointing Mukhtar Robow was behind corrupt president Hassan Sheikh.

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Read: Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh history of corruption 2012-2017

‘The positions of the ministries are not different from the previous ministries. New ministries do not appear now. Most of the appointed people are MPs who have been in politics for a while. Although there are new names, it seems that as the Prime Minister said, the National Interest Government is now. The government was removed from the people who were removed and different to appear in many of them, and the regional governments were given ministers from elected people.”

Child rapist, murderer Mukhtar Robow Ali who was a former leader of the Al-Shabab terrorist group, but has now been released from prison. He was awarded by the Minister of Religion & Endowments in the new government.

“Indeed, Somalis has been talked about Mukhtar Robow a lot on social media he committed suicide bombing campaign rape under age girls have sex with them age 9 murder, and for the last three years, he was imprisoned by the government, why Hassan Sheikh released child rapist murderer Mukhtar Robow.

Mukhtar Robow was not the first person to hold a position in Al-Shabab, but he was given a position in the government, and he pointed out that there are individuals from Al-Shabab who held important positions in the government and administrations. Somali spy chief NISA Mahad Salad is member of Al-Shabab terrorist group. Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is member, according to sources told Somali Times.