Farmajo summons acting Foreign Minister Awad after illegal appoints embassy posts to one community.

Photo/Somali Times

According to our sources, Villa Somalia told Somali Times the Somali president Mohamed Farmajo has summoned acting Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad after he appointed dozens of diplomats, following the fall of his government.

Awad has been reported that in the Kenya capital of Nairobi, where he made the nominee, and a surprise to his home in Nairobi, and the absence of compound documents illegally issued. Ahmed Issa Awad has suffered the biggest setback ever, after making an illegal appointment back in time with the appointment of more than 27 diplomats who were recruited in a manner that did not comply with the government’s employment law.

Up to 21 letters were presented naming individuals who are not employees of the ministry, who are not members of the civil servant of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Somali Times received reports that the appointment was made after the fall of the government led by Prime Minister Ali Khaire, but letters appointments false date 14 and 23 July 2020, in order to make government was made, according to the said members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The matter came as a shock to the President after he shared the evidence of the documents signed by the Minister. A source of reliable, confirmed that Acting Minister Awad in recent days was in the Kenya capital of Nairobi and is now back in Mogadishu, after reaching a message sent Villa Somalia in blame starts quickly.