Somalia spy chief Mahad Salad and other officials will be removed from office, sources say

File Photo/Somali Times

In the past few hours, there has been a lot of talk that the president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh’s intends to remove the positions of officials including the commander of NISA Somalia spy chief Mahad Salad and the commander of the army, General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhudin.

This talk which started when Hotel SYL was attacked by Al Shabab last Friday has intensified in the past few hours, and there were reports that Hassan Sheikh’s is planning to change the leadership of NISA and the Command of the Force.

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Somalia spy chief Mahad Salad is a member of Al-Shabab terrorist group, who is lacking prior intelligence experience and education. An Intelligence Agency does not adumbrate its successes on a daily basis specially when it is fighting a deadly insurgency, according to former Somali spy chief Fahad Yasin Mahad Salad is a double agent.

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Somali Times has confirmed that Mahad Salad is now a candidate for the position of president of Galmudug, the Gamudug election will take place from December to January, and he is expected to resign from the NISA.

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On the other hand, an informed source has assured us that Hassan Sheikh has not yet planned any change in the command of the country’s armed forces, which is one of the offices that are being talked about.

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President Hassan Sheikh’s has already refrained from removing either the Commander of the Forces or the Minister of Défense, as the situation is chaotic and the troops have left the battlefields, and many vehicles have been captured by Al-Shabab.

The commander of the forces, General Ibrahim, who was often in Mogadishu, is now in the middle of the war, he is in the Middle Shabelle, and he is leading and pushing back the completion of the 1st phase of the war against the Al-Shabab.

Also, the talk of the last few hours on the social media was that the Police Chief will be removed from his position, the members close to the President’s office confirmed that the President has plans to make changes. Security systems.