Somalia: Galmudug governor celebrates defeating militia supported by foreign actors

A photograph appear on the Internet.

Galmudug governor Ahmed Abdi Karie, who is currently in Guriel spoke about the situation in the town and said that he will not accept the return of the violence in Guriel again.

Karie said the evil militia was supporting Kenya-UAE and puppet Said Deni described as opposing the development of the Somali regional state of Galmudug. He also pointed out that pro-evil militia have been educated and have taken the wrong path, according to the statement.

”Criticizing us and even lying to us about politics are some of the things, but you are the kind of people you are now. Don’t pray for the people. Don’t think negatively,” said Karie.

The governor of Galmudug continued his message to the leadership of militia and called on them to seize the opportunity they still have, “Let the armed men in the bush take advantage of the opportunity we have given them,” said Ahmed Abdi Karie.

Finally, he threatened to crack down on anyone who tries to disrupt Galmudug, and will take legal action.

The statement came as the fighting in Guriel ended after Galmudug and the federal army defeated the militia supporting foreign actors from the town.